PPSDM Geominerba Together with ABM Group Holds Mining Safety Training


Liputan6.com, Jakarta In order to realize a mining safety risk control system, ABM Group together with the Resource Development Center (PPSDM Geominerba) held a flash education on the implementation of an online learning-based minerba mining safety management system from 19 to 24 June 2023.

The Head of PPSDM Geominerba, Dwi Anggoro Ismukurnianto explained that PPSDM Geominerba would provide material for this activity.

“PPSDM Geominerba will provide several materials such as basic safety, health and safety of mining work operations, legal basis for SMKP, implementation of the 7 elements, elements of management review, and ending with a written exam,” he said at the opening of the training, Monday (19/6/ 2023).

Ismu also hopes that the 32 ABM Group employees who take part in the crash education for a week can understand the legal basis and background of mineral and coal SMKP.

“In addition, participants are expected to understand the elements of mineral and coal SMKP, mineral and coal SMKP documents, and understand the strategies and stages of implementing mineral and coal SMKP,” he hoped.