PPSDM Geominerba Together with PT Vale Holds Bimtek Aspects of Mineral Conservation


Liputan6.com, Jakarta In order to make mining activities in accordance with good mining practices, the Center for Development of Human Resources, Geology, Minerals and Coal (PPSDM Geominerba) collaborates with PT Vale Indonesia to organize Technical Guidance on Conservation Aspects Mineral which will be held from 19 June to 23 June 2024.

The Head of PPSDM Geominerba, Dwi Anggoro Ismukurnianto explained that the 15 employees of PT Vale who took part in this technical guidance would be provided with several materials by the Teaching Team of the Mineral and Coal Engineering and Environment Directorate.

“The material that will be provided includes aspects of mineral and coal conservation in the context of good mining engineering principles and mandate of Law No. 3 of 2020, scope and object of conservation, residual processing results, administrative obligations, reporting aspects of mineral and coal conservation, and assessment and award of success application of good mineral and coal mining techniques,” he explained.

Ismu also revealed that after attending the training, participants are expected to have the same understanding in implementing mineral conservation efforts within PT Vale.

“This is expected to realize good mining principles in accordance with the current regulations,” he said.